February 17, 2020

The particularly sturdy sizes K..39 and K..49 complete our selection of two-stage helical-bevel gear units. They established the standards as well as sizes K..19 and K..29: four sizes enable torques from 80 Nm to 500 Nm.

With their high efficiency in both directions of rotation and at any input speed, these right-angle gear units are extremely energy-efficient. Their high-stamina gearing is wear-free and lasts a gear unit’s lifetime. For specific positioning tasks, you may use the K series equipment units with reduced backlash.

Nominal torque: 53 – 20000 Nm
Rated power: 0.12 – 90 kW
Ratio: 5.5 – 8900
K series helical-bevel equipment units: high degree of efficiency and gearing with high fatigue strength
K series helical-bevel gear units
The figure shows a gearmotor with a helical-bevel gear unit
The compact design of most our gear units is most apparent in our helical-bevel gear units. This property is particularly interesting, for instance, for machine applications with limited space available. Here, you need powerful drive technology with a concise design. This is just the right environment for our helical-bevel gear systems with a torque range from 80 to 50,000 Nm.

In combination with an IE4 synchronous engine, our two-stage bevel equipment units become the energy conserving LogiDrive system for intralogistics. LogiDrive drive devices have a large overload capacity and greatly reduce operating costs thanks to their high efficiency. Due to their modular structure, users also achieve substantial savings in maintenance costs.
The compact and optimized housings of the helical bevel gears distinguish themselves by being machined on all sides and are therefore ready for a variety of mounting options and applications. Various regular shaft executions and the double chamber shaft seals are prepared for use.

Helical Bevel equipment motors for intralogistics

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